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Glamnetics VS Dupes | REVIEW

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

So I finally gave into the bombardment of advertisement from Glamnetics to purchase their lashes after months of resisting because of curiosity and the deal they offered wasn't bad. I bought the Glamnetic lashes with the PROMO of buy 2 lashes and get the liner free + free international shipping. In total it came to less than $100USD for all three items which was still steep. The dupes I purchased for about $6-7NZD so about $3-4USD.

The Glamnetics lashes arrived in about 2 weeks to Japan from USA (July) and the dupes took about 3-4 weeks from China.

I tested out the Glamnetics magnetic eyeliner with a pair of Glamnetics lashes and a pair of dupe lashes to see if it was compatible and if I could save money and purchase other brand magnetic lashes which were a lot cheaper and less glam than Glamnetics lash selection.

I'm not a professional with makeup and especially with fake eyelashes I never could do the glue on ones by myself so trying to use the eyeliner with a brush tip instead of a pen which is what I usually use was a struggle. The consistency of the liner was thick and thin... like on the brush it was thick but when you try and draw it on skin it wasn't very pigmented and didn't go on smoothly because it had a super tacky feel which felt weird on the eyelids. My double eyelids kept touching the wet liner and sticking together and I had to wait for it to slightly dry before placing the lashes on which again took time.

Honestly the Glamnetics magnetic eyeliner felt like glue on my eyelids and was the biggest reason why I struggled to put the liner on. It had the similar feeling as the glue you would use on fakies to stick on your eyes.

Putting on the actual lashes was super easy and quick but since my eyeliner job wasn't great because I also got it on my eyelashes the magnets kept sticking to my eyelashes instead of my eyelid.

I feel magnetic lashes isn't for me but I might still use them for videos or for events. Before that I will need to practice with the eyeliner a lot or take extra care to apply it. I did like the Glamnetics lashes and it did make me feel good but they are very much in your face which isn't my style. I would probably shop around the dupe brands and find some more subtle and natural lashes or just get eyelash extentions...

The main differences from Glamnetics lashes and the dupes was that one had 6 magnets and the other had 5 as seen in the images side by side comparisons. I also found that the dupe lashes were more stiff and harder to manoeuvre and would sometimes lift on the inner corner. But that could be my placement or my eye shape.

From the picture of me pulling the dupe lashes off it held on well to the Glamnetics liner. Even though the Glamnetics liner was less pigmented and harder to put on it was a lot stronger than the dupe liner that came with the dupes.

MISS MUSE Lash Review:


Price: 4 / 10

Style: 7 / 10

Quality: 8 / 10

Delivery: 9 / 10

Comfort: 7.5 / 10


Price: 10 / 10

Style: 8 / 10

Quality: 6.5 / 10

Delivery: 5 / 10

Comfort: 6.5 / 10

Glamnetics was softer and easier to bend while the dupes were more stiff and had to fix in place. Nothing wrong with that just needed more time. The dupes did feel harder and more like the cheap fakies you would buy from the dollar store but it still stuck on just as well as the Glamnetics with the magnetic liner.

This review is not sponsored and is from my own opinion. Please if you have any questions about the GLAMNETICS Lashes direct them to GLAMNETICS at

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