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Dewi with the deers in Nara

No, I am not Vietnamese and no I am not related to Michelle Phan.

I am a Chinese-Indonesian born New Zealander. Lived my 2... Cough years of my life in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Being multicultural and living in a melting pot of a country I got to live a childhood where I was not quite kiwi enough and not quite asian enough. I'm sure a lot of others can relate in the struggles of not truly finding a place where you belong not even in your own country that you call home. 

I strive to share all my knowledge and experiences to anyone who needs it, may it be a game plan on how to get the most out of a trip overseas or some motivational mindset pep talk to get your gear into drive. I am definitely not sure of myself or know where I am going with life but I want to push myself to grow and learn new things hence my first time posts which will share my experiences, thoughts and feelings about what I have done. 

This will surely be an adventure and I hope even if it was just really one post you read or watched that it helped you then I am happy. 

Join me as I learn how to create and edit blogs/vlogs.



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