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Planning for a Trip?! *Tips and Tricks*

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Map planning notes - Tip and tricks on how to plan a trip
The struggle in finding what to do... where to go... where to stay...

How I managed to plan and book the best trip in a fixed budget for TWO.

Deciding when to go can itself be a daunting task...sorting leave or when the perfect season for all the festive events are or when your travel partner can go. BUT once you have passed this milestone all that's left really is the:

  • Travel Budget

  • Destinations

  • Flight tickets

  • Accomodation

  • Travel Insurance

  • Transport (How to get to places at your chosen country)

  • Money

  • Itinerary / Where and What to do or eat (that's super important)

  • Safety

  • What to bring?

Errhh... simple. Well not quite but this can also be really enjoyable! ...or maybe it's just me :P

Step ONE (Travel Budget):

Set a Travel Budget that you and your travel companions are happy to spend for everything.

This may vary depending on what type of comfort travel level you would like. In my opinion there are only 3 main types but within them there are multiple combinations and factors:

  • Budget (Poor Student, Just Poor, Stingy, Saver, Likes it Rough!) Usually more willing to choose longer flights, 1+ stopover(s), 6hrs+ transit(s) and more effort for a Low Price in FLIGHTS. Smaller and shared accomodations for less. Stays usually at backpackers, sharehouse, friends/family homes or Airbnb.Cut back on the moola so no travel insurance or the bare minimum. No hate guys as I know some people prefer to travel like this or can only afford this.

  • Economy (Get My Money's Worth, Time = Money, Basic, Stress-less, Holiday) For these guys they are willing to upgrade to premium economy for the experience/comfort. Maximum would be ONE stopover and 1-8hrs transit. Time is worth the money spent for quicker flights. Travel insurance is needed, doesn't want to be stress about money for lost stuff, flights, sickness and delays. Less things to think about and worry about when everything is covered and will pay more for a well-located accomodation prefers not to share but willing to compromise for the location and quality. Would stay at hotels, quality guesthouses, book out a whole place on Airbnb. They just want to have a good time, experience things and not worry about money too much and travel to get their money's worth.

  • The High Life (Take My Money, YASSS, It's Worth It, Treat Yourself, Only Want The Best) This is business and first class ballers, money is no obstacle and they want the best things in life - comfort, service, options and food. No stopovers unless it can't be helped if there is a transit you will find them shopping or relaxing in the airlines lounges. More likely to stay at Hotels, Bookout luxury properties on Airbnb or already own a place at their destination. These guys have it going on! Seasoned travellers and they know what they want. This isn't just for the rich and famous. People also save and live for this type of travel lifestyle/experience.

I can't give you a estimate on the travel budget of each type as this really depends how long you go for and how any places you want to visit. But for us I would say we were between Budget and Economy (Saver + Time = Money + Stress-Less).

Our travel budget:

  • 2 (3) x International return flights for Japan and South Korea (+Guangzhou if you count 32 hour stopover)

  • 2 x Domestic return flights (Osaka to Tokyo) + (Seoul to Jeju)

  • 4 x Accomodations (Whole apartments)

  • Full Insurance (Health and Travel)

Duration of travels: 1 month (30-31 days)

Total = NZD$3120.11 each person.

Next will be... Step TWO (Destinations)

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