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Shortlisted or Reserved ... Results

Updated: Jan 9, 2019


IF you were shortlisted CONGRATULATIONS and IF you were chosen as a reserve WELL DONE! Because you are in but just waiting on a place to be freed for you to get in. This is a YES just a pending YES which is annoying but take heart a lot of reserves do end up getting into the JET programme and they also get awesome placements.

Reserves can be changed to shortlisted as late as December but usually there are two August intakes the early 1st large wave then the 2nd smaller wave in late August with all the shortlisted reserves. There is still a change for shortlisted people to be contacted for the December intake but can be quite rare except for special exceptions like a JET decides to go home or a JET gets deported or fired from their position.

For this post I will be talking about:

Stage Three // Shortlisted or Reserved ... Results

Results for a normal intake is usually on April 1st for people who got shortlisted but reserves will be told earlier in March. You will have received an email from your embassy saying if you were successful or reserved or unsuccessful. Unsuccessful applicants:

Don't worry too much about it and don't think about what went wrong or what you could have done better just let it go and move on with your life. There is always next year or the 1 year working holiday visa in Japan for people under the age of 30 if you are really want to go that year.


They will notify that you are a reserve via email and will send you some forms to fill out its usually a form saying you accept being a reserve and understand that you could be upgraded to the shortlist and be given only 1 months notice to short your shit out and come to Japan.

  • Acceptance form

  • Emergency contact

  • Information about the next process

So honestly being a reserve is bittersweet because you know you got in but only if there is room for you in this years intake. This is hard because you will feel like you're in limbo floating by until you get the shortlist call or email saying you have been moved up.

Find something to fill your time and stay busy so you don't end up stressing and thinking about it. Also start saving like you would if you were going to go to Japan it's best to prepare for it rather then being told you have 1 month to sort your shit and come over to Japan and you end up having a mad dash to get the cash. hahahaha This scenario does happen and it's not cheap the initial set up costs of your apartments, furniture, internet and sometimes you will have to buy a car $$$$$.


This will be an exciting time for you. Feeling high from being told you got in and telling everyone you are going to Japan! Being shortlisted is awesome but it also doesn't exclude you from the feelings of the unknown and maybe some doubt because its finally sinking in your moving to another country. The unknown on where in Japan you will be placed and the unknown on what you will actually be expected of you in your job. But don'f fret as long as you have an open mind and willing to go with the flow even if it doesn't work out as you planned you will love Japan.

Once you have been notified you are successful in becoming shortlisted they will send you some forms to fill and ask you for some documents for the offical process of getting you placed and starting your visa application.

  • form

  • Health Certificate

  • Photocopy of your valid passport

  • Emergency contact and airport details

  • Information about the Q&A meeting

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