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Step By Step Guide (Applying To The Jet Programme) ALT

Updated: Jan 9, 2019
The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme

So you're interested in applying for the Jet Programme. Nice.

The process is long and tedious but worth it depending on what you want to get out of it and what your intentions are for applying. You must also be comfortable in being in rural areas and not be bothered about where you will be placed. Even if you choose the areas you want they will not likely place you there . It is all based on which area needs ALTs and who is on top of the list.

If you are not from NZ find the Jet Programme website for your country via or information from the main Jet Programme Site. This process that I will map out might be the same in other countries but please check before following my step by step guide.

In New Zealand the process starts from when applications open usually in October and till the latest would be December the following year. (This really depends if you are a reserve as you can be shortlisted as late as December when one of the shortlisted decides to drop out)

But realistically you will know if you have been accepted by April. So all in all the Vetting process takes 6 months to do and get an answer from them.

In these 6 months you will be going through:

Stage One // Applications

Stage Two // Interviews

Stage Three // Results and Reply Forms

Stage Four // Getting Ready for Japan

Once you are in Japan you will then go through:

Stage Five // Tokyo Orientation

Stage Six // First Months in Japan

For this post I will be talking about:

Stage One // The Application Process

On the NZ embassy Jet Programme page...Download the 2018 JET Programme Application form, guidelines and instructions. Feel free to use this if it is more clear for you.

  1. Download and Fill out the Application Form and Self-Repot of Medical Condition using an Adobe reader (Acrobat is free to download) Use the guidelines as help to understand how to fill the application form.

  2. Once filled in press submit and this will automatically make an email to the embassy with the Jet Programme subject title.

  3. Print out your form and sign pages 7 and 8. After you have signed the pages Photocopy it 3 times and keep 4 piles. - 1 x ORIGINAL - 3 x COPIES

  4. Get 2 x Letters of Reference in (Japanese or English). If you are still studying and about to graduate you will need to have one of your references from your tutor/lecturer and have you graduation date mentioned in it. - 1 x ORIGINAL each Letter - 3 x COPIES each Letter

  5. All of your Certified Academic Transcripts from your University courses. - 1 x ORIGINAL photocopy of each Transcript (After photocopied they MUST be signed and dated by Justice of Peace) - 3 x COPIES each AFTER the photocopies of the Transcripts have been signed

  6. Write a Statement of Purpose stating why you want to do the Jet programme, why you would be good for the job and something you have struggled with and overcome. (Be warned DO NOT put to much heart into it like your feelings and struggles with people. They will use it against you and say you are emotional.) Keep it face value like a problem you had and solved. - 1 x A4 page (MAX 2 pages) - MUST be double spaced basically skip a line after each line - Font MUST be Times New Roman and Font Size is 12 REMEMBER TO PROOF READ AND HAVE SOMEONE LOOK OVER IT (Points will be taken off if you have any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or the statement format was not followed.) - 3 x COPIES after signed

  7. Scan down your Graduation Certificate (Bachelor/Masters/Degree) to fit an A4 page - 1 x Original photocopy of each Certificate (Must be signed by Justice of Peace) - If you have not graduated yet (must submit certificate or letter of expected date of conferment of degree) Also you must graduate before departure. - 3 x Copies

  8. Passport or Birth Certificate of Nationality - 1 x ORIGINAL photocopy of each Certificate (MUST be signed and dated by Justice of Peace) - 3 x COPIES after signed

  9. Criminal Record must be applied usually latest 3-4 days before application deadline. (Can take up to 20 working days) - Apply free at - To show you have applied Print out a copy of email confirmation to add to your application. - PS if you have lived overseas for more then one year other then Japan in the past 5 years you must apply in those countries as well. - Bring it to the Interview if you get one.

  10. Last step using a RED pen on the TOP RIGHT on the Original copy of your Application Write ORIGINAL * ALL PAPERWORK SHOULD BE IN THE SAME ORDER * Use a Paperclip to keep the originals and each copy together * DO NOT send it late! I recommending as soon as your done if you only have couple days left Courier it. But if you have time post it and add tracking.


Next will be... Stage Two // What To Expect In The JET Interview

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