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Where Oh Where Should I (You) Go??

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Direction where to go - Map and compass
I want to go here... no there... no here... EVERYWHERE!!!

Deciding on where you want to go and when...

That's not for me to decide for you but I can share with you my experience when I travelled in Japan, South Korea and Guangzhou. You will need to choose which country(ies) you would like to visit once you have this your planning process can begin. You can from this, gauge how many countries you would like to visit within your travels based on travel budget and time you have to go away. Remember the more countries you go to the less time and budget you have for travelling and experiences.

MISS MUSE Recommends:

  • 1 country (0 - 2 weeks)

  • 2 countries (2 - 4 weeks)

  • 3 countries (3 - 5 weeks)

  • 4+ countries (4+ weeks) *you might as well go on a full year OE for this one to really enjoy travelling at ease and at your own pace.

I must express that this is only from my own experience and this will vary depending on which countries you go to. Please use this as a initial guideline for you to change and adjust to your needs. I based this on visiting multiple destinations in each country and to get the most and to enjoy without rushing.

Step TWO (Destinations)

Now once you have reached this part you already know what country(ies) you will want to travel to and for how long you are are able to travel for. You should also have an idea when you would be travelling. I suggest making a list of all the cities you would like to go to in prefered order. This will be useful later when you look for flights and cut down on which areas would be realistic in your budget and timeframe.

1. In each country list what cities/destinations you would like to visit.


Japan - Tokyo, Osaka, Nara, Arashiyama, Yokohama, Kyoto, Saitama, Chiba, Hokaido

South Korea - Seoul, Jeju-do, Busan

(Not everything listed will be possible to visit - be open to changes and better to have extra time then not enough to fully enjoy what each location has to offer - more idea of how much time you will have once you start making the itinerary)

2. Decide how much time in each country you would like.


Japan - 2 weeks

South Korea - 2 weeks (personally this was too long in South Korea for me)

(Split the time based on how many destinations you had listed in each country - This may change based on flight ticket availability and price)

Using the list you have created you have basically made a base itinerary.

Next will be... (Coming Soon)

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