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How to Set up LINE PAY - Free JCB Prepaid Card

Hey all! So this post will talk about why having a Line PAY card is useful and HOW TO set up.


  • Free set up via. LINE app (only requirement is to have your Japanese number linked to it. It will not be straightforward to change your country as there is a couple of steps to do it. CHECK OUT THE GUIDE BELOW).

  • Use your ¥ from your earnings in Japan rather than your foreign cards.

  • You can get a physical card to and use it in all stores that accept JCB (One of Japans biggest banks).

  • You get points with every purchase and can convert them to ¥ once you have reached over 100points.

  • There are also special campaigns for discounts on clothing, karaoke and food stores. There is also a chance to win your spendings back. I’ve won ¥8,000 back in 2 months. Just from paying with my card.

  • You can use it on any Japanese online store or airline and not have to pay extra for conbini payments. + get points! think of the points! 

  • If you have a JP post bank account its even better for you because you can link your card and your account together and transfer freely back and forward without using a middleman platform. Only cost is withdrawing money back from the card.(If you have connected your JP POST account to your card you can use it overseas too plus withdraw money from ATMs overseas. Also you don’t have a card spending limit.


  • If you do not or cannot connect your bank account to the card (Kagoshima Bank is unable to do this) there is a spending limit of ¥100,000 a month but you can put as much money on it as you want.

  • If not connected you can only use the card in Japan and on Japanese sites.

SET UP (If you need to change your LINE accounts country setting*):

*IPHONE instructions but Android should be similar

  1. First you must make sure your account is linked to an email! Home > Setting symbol > Account > Email address

  2. Second back up your chats if you do not want to lose anything. Home > Setting symbol > Account > Chats > Chat history back up

  3. Once you have done the top too you will need to DELETE your LINE app and REINSTALL it into your phone.

  4. Open the app and it will ask you to login and state your country. Also put in your Japanese cellphone number.

  5. Voila! you have now linked your Japanese number to your LINE account.NOW please follow the instructions below

SET UP (If your Japanese number is already linked to your LINE account):

  1. CLICK on the Wallet option on the bottom right on your open LINE app screen.

  2. CLICK on the top screen that says Sign up to LINE Pay.

  3. After the screen will just get you to agree to all terms and reopen on the same wallet page but now with a ¥0 in the top box.

  4. Underneath you will see a sentence that says get your virtual/physical card. CLICK on that sentence.

  5. You will need to CHOOSE if you would like just a virtual card or get a physical card too. The physical card you can use all around Japan and if linked overseas too.

  6. If you choose Physical. You will then need to choose a card design.

  7. After you will need to input your postcode and home address to have it shipped to you.

  8. You will still be given a virtual card to use.You will need to make a Passcode and activate [For Online use]


Putting money onto your LINE PAY card – FamilyMart (FamiPort):

  1. CLICK the + in your Wallet page.

  2. (First time depositing you will need to agree to terms)

  3. ADD a name and amount you want to put in.

  4. The screen will then show you 2 sets of number which is Registration No. and the Reservation No.

  5. At a FAMILYMART and at the FAMIPORT CLICK on Payments it’s the button that has LINE pay on it.

  6. Then CLICK on the big button that says LINE pay on the bottom.

  7. Next INPUT the Registration No. CLICK OK.

  8. After INPUT the Reservation No. CLICK OK.

  9. The next screen click on the big blue button and then the OK on the screen that shows your name and amount you want to deposit.

  10. Lastly a receipt will come out and you will just need to pay at the counter. The money should show on your LINE app in 3-5mins after paying at FAMILYMART.


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