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LULULOOK v.2 Magnetic IPAD stand | REVIEW

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

*This review is NOT sponsored and I have purchased this with my own money and have written my honest opinion

This lovely device is the LULULOOK’s Magnetic iPad stand and I do believe this is v.2 because the finishing on the joints look cleaner and the changed position of the cable hole is a lot more functional than before with more space to pull and move the cable. Also the magnet is now the size of the holder.

They also sell this on the LULULOOK website with the classic one and its price difference was only by $5-10. I chose this because it also has an improved full magnet back so this is compatible with the 11” as well. These improvements are definitely worth the extra $.

The function of this stand is ideal for people who use it for home/office use. If you like to use it as an extra display for computer work or gaming. This is the stand for you. The magnet is pretty strong that if you shake it it wont fall off and is able to withstand some pressure For drawing or adjusting. The magnet is so string that you can put a case on it and it will still hold it well. I used my apple magic keyboard on it and it Held on with no problems. I have yet to try with other cases but I feel it will have no problems with thin cases to protect the iPad while on the stand.

Only warning I would say is that when turning or adjusting the rotation of your iPad hold the stand not the iPad, it will pull away. The tilt is very lucid and easy to adjust but the rotation takes a bit of pressure which isn't a bad thing because we want it to keep its position when rotated. We are more likely to tilt it than rotate so having it stiffer is understandable.

I bought this version off ALIEXPRESS on LULULOOK’s account. I prefer to use Ali because of the protection guarantee and they have some coupons or discounts that can be used on their listings. This costed me NZ$93 (Incl $12.14 NZ tax) purchases on Ali to no now automatically add tax :(

Delivery took 2-3 week (29th aug to 17th sep) standard for deliveries from China. The parcel condition on arrival was horrid haha but luckily they packaged the item well. No damage to the actual stand.

LINK OF PRODUCT (Product price and shipping costs may change as that is the style of Aliexpress.) NOT SPONSORED

My ratings are as below:

PRICE: 7/10

LOOK: 10/10

FUNCTION: 8.5/10



It's a handy stand and durable also not light so your iPad shouldn't fall because you tilted it forward. I will update later to see if there are any problems or if it was useful in the long term.

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