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SENREVE Review 2 (After 6-8 months)

My SENREVE bag after 6 - 8 months

I have now had the Senreve Maestra Bag for over 6 months and the final verdict. It's a very pretty, strong bag and with a level of functionality. The bag has held itself well but with it being durable and strong it comes with a price and weight to match. The leather is thick and looks well made. The bag itself has no flaws it just depends on what you are using it for. The full sized bag that I have is big but generous in the compartments and space inside. The main reason I bought this was to have a handbag that could carry my 15 inch laptop in. This does tick that requirement but I found while using it that it was not perfect for it. The bag is made for 13inch laptops and that is what I recommend. The weight and shape of the 15inch will pull on your bag and slightly reshape the sides. Also you will have limited access to the compartments inside the bag once the 15inch is inside. You would have to take out the laptop each time to get things in and out of the bag.

I have used this bag as a:

Personal travel bag: Not recommended as the bag itself is heavy. Maybe if you are not carrying heavy stuff inside then sure it will be a good looking bag to carry around. The bag is already 1.6KG so I would say put no more than 3.4KG worth of stuff inside. 5KG would be my limit as it will get tiring later even while carrying it like a backpack. PS. you can get away with it being a personal item with your carry on bag (7KG).

Shopping bag: Highly recommended! You can carry everything in it and its super handy to put in small purchases or make up for touch ups during the day.

School bag: Depends. Not recommended if you are a teacher with many books and supplies but if you are a university student it may be ideal (laptop, papers, pencil case and drink bottle).

Office work bag: Perfect! Chuck in your laptop, hard drives, papers, wallet and drink bottle. You're all set!

MISS MUSE New Review:

Price: 6.5/10

Style: 9.5/10

Quality: 8.5/10

Functionality: 7.5/10

As you can see above only the Price and Functionality score went down. The functionality score affected the price because of the worth of getting the bag. I pulled the functionality score down because having a 15inch laptop in the bag limits the things you can put inside and the bag itself is pretty heavy 1.6KG. But a 7.5 is still a good score this means it is an above average bag in functionality.

I am no longer in love with the bag but I appreciate it and it does come in handy. I thinking the perfect size now would be the midi range that SENREVE released mid 2018.

I don't regret buying this bag, it was what I needed at the time of purchase but as I have changed jobs it no longer serves its purpose for me in Japan. It is now my new going out / shopping bag.

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