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Two Week Getaway To Melbourne (From New Zealand)

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Candid shot of Dewi Phan
A very rare nice candid shot of me :P

Our Two Week Christmas/New Years Holiday

So my best friend and I decided we would travel to Melbourne, Australia for our two week work break. We had planned this four months prior because I am a planning GENIUS and love to have all the details locked in. But of course plans change and I ended up leaving my job that I loved because of obviously "seen circumstances" XD. Not gonna open that can of worms hahaha I will leave that for another post.

December 25th 2017 - Yes, we chose to fly on Christmas because A. It was the cheapest and B. we are Asian, we don't celebrate Christmas as much as our western counterparts. Even for Christmas Auckland International Airport was bustling with life. We came super early and prepared but still had to check we had everything and that our bags were within weight restrictions...anxiety in feeling like you forgot something or the scale showing a overweight number.

We flew with JETSTAR and bought two tickets direct return to Melbourne Australia. Our tickets were just for the basic seats and carry on bag (no food or check on included), since this was a short trip and knowing us(me) we would be shopping a lot so we added on one check in baggage for I think was NZD$26 each way for a 20KG bag.


2 x Flights Return (NZD$975.88)

1 x 20KG Check In Bag Return (NZD$52)

Total (NZD$1027.58)

REMEMBER this is a peak travel period and we left for 13-14 days.

To compensate for our cheapish flights we did have late flights which isn't that bad since Melbourne is still pretty awake at night so getting a uber from Southern Cross Station from the airport was easy peasy. We used the SkyBus which is a 24hr airport bus service from Melbourne Tullamarine Airport to Southern Cross Station. We then ordered an Uber to our Airbnb which we booked months ahead of time as this time of the year a lot of places were booked out or price hiked because of the demand.

Timetable and locations on where the SkyBus stops at can be found here

Prices for this service are here

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I love shopping and with that skill I found us the most money = location value Airbnb rental I could find. Okay there were some surprises at our Airbnb as we shared an apartment with the host and her friend but TBF for the location and convenience it was kinda worth it...PS they were really nice. We were located near A'Beckett Street super close to everything and was just a walks away from all the Malls. :D


14 x Nights (NZD$1257.00)

That came to NZD$44.89 a night per person

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Overall our trip was super fun and chilled we did end up having some lazy days staying in our rooms watching K-Dramas but was justified by the 42 degree heat that was blazing outside.

Melbourne's weather is really unpredictable you can experience all seasons in one day, so decided what to bring and wear can already a struggle haha but the food is so worth!

The diversity and the amount of choices is ridiculous, a lot of desert cafes and types of bubble tea shops. If you do decide to go I would highly suggest an empty stomach and an empty suitcase :P

Check Out... Melbourne Food Overload (COMING SOON)

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